A seed is sown

Leash here. I wanted to kick off our blog by writing something about how I started along this path and got carried along it, by a carriage of inspiration, motivation, wanting to manifest a beautiful vision and sheer momentum. How to explain? Where to start?

The beginning seemed as good a place as any. An obvious choice really. Poo poo as you might at traditional linear narrative flow it gets your head around the world pretty neatly (much more than the strings of flexible and reversible space time and single electron theory which is the other thing that’s occupying my mind tonight, but that’s another story).

One afternoon, much like any other, I was procrastinating at work on gmail. Mostly this process involves chatting to Greg or one of a few other friendly folk, reading about enlightenment, or other people doing cool things, or Rihanna’s tough week, all the while sitting in the same office I have for the last 4 1/2 years, judiciously avoiding whatever I ought to be doing.

Well, on this particular day I got the following email out of the blue:


“Exciting isn’t it?”  Yes!!!

Amy’s attached vision statement was an inspiration and a call to arms. Well, not really a call to arms so much as the laying down of them in the lush green grass. It really speaks for itself. Click through, read it, and you’ll be up to speed for the next steps in the path.

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