Wanted: Partner in Lime*

lime tree

Citrus aurantifolia

We’re offering a reasonably sized room (approximately 3.5 X 3.5 meters) in our beautiful four bedroom homestead in Razorback/Mt Hunter, 15 minutes from Camden ( 1 hour 15 from Wollongong and 1 hour 20 from Sydney CBD).

We’re keen to develop the property as a permaculture demonstration site and a hub for community outreach.

Our first earmarked projects are building a seedling raising greenhouse, re-planting the kitchen garden, planting up the already irrigated market garden and small orchard with chicken run, raising lots of said chooks in a pre-fab old horse shed coop and building a composting toilet. We’re also entertaining the idea of teaching a few courses on different techniques, led by expert facilitators as we learn and the project progresses.

Once this is well underway, we then hope to delve into more of the social outreach side of the project – through our networks in this space, especially around new migrants, mental health outreach and vulnerable teenagers with multiple cycles of disadvantage.

It will start very small and simply for equilibrium with a mind to building momentum and hosting a growing, thriving operation in time.

We are a core of four people who reside at the farm seeking a fifth (You). Our intention is to run the initiative as a collective effort, at the farm part-time while we work/study in Wollongong or Sydney.

Rent of $147 includes full access to the house, as well as shared use of the land and facilities. We also have a landline phone and internet, and these as well as standard utilities are extra (divided between the five permanent residents). Your room would be unfurnished and the house mostly furnished.

The farm

The house is situated on a 23 acre block with 3 acres of land available for use. There are areas set up for a kitchen garden, market garden, chook pens, livestock pens and a shed area. There are also numerous farm tools available for use. The house and land comes with it’s own water supply and irrigation system (we will not be charged for water use).

If you’re not able to take on the whole spare room but are still keen to get involved, we also plan to involve a broader circle of people beyond those residing at the farm full time, who would have access, input in the project and be accommodated at the farm, so if you’re keen let us know.

We’re currently in the early incubation stage of this project; scoping out the property, dreaming and scheming, so now is the ideal moment to get involved.

To find out more contact Amy 0413 919 984 or Alicia 0402 231 300

*We can’t grow lime trees well up at the place due to the sometimes frosty climate, but they make for a cute dad joke pun

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