Digging on not digging

Leash again.

Today we had our maiden Murrindindi working bee, led by the lovely Michael Roxborough from North Gong community garden http://www.thegardennorthgong.blogspot.com.au/ our good old mate, increasingly cheeky sod and general legend.

Roxy and Sylvia

We cleaned up a heap of the chicken ritz and also built 2 no dig garden beds.

Chicken Ritz clean up

Good times – think wise cracks meet cows, lots more straw and poo and delicious spreads of shared pot luck food (poo and food not part of the same parcel though!!). This is pretty much the recipe of our farm venture to date and it’s quite the formidable marinade.

Pot luck lunch

The no dig itself was built on a very simple pared down set of layers as follows.


We covered the grass floor of part of our kitchen garden with thick boxes we had handily on hand care of our recent move (to kill the grass).

Bee in full swing

Then we added a layer of lucerne, a layer of chopped up weeds (dandelion and seedless mallow), a light sprinkling of chook poo, a ssmidge of compost to inoculate the pile, a good drizzle of molasses mixed with water, then more lucerne.

We gave the whole thing a great watering and then started to create planting pockets to fill to ground level with compost.


The garden’s now kicking off with fast growing leafy greens including lettuce, silverbeet, mizuna and some beautiful tatsoi shown below.


Thanks everyone for pitching in and sharing a great day.

Stay tuned for stir fried garlic, sesame and oyster sauce tatsoi news, coming soon to some bellies near you!

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