Murrindindi design weekend mach 1

Having 5 minutes to scratch myself lately is a rare commodity. Having said 5 minutes coincide with a weekend at the farm with great folk and not running round like a headless chicken, rarer. Things are pretty busy for the rest of the farm crew as well, with Chris finding his feet in a new job and Amy preparing for an exciting OS trip in a week and counting.

All hands were on deck this weekend though, working to sketch out some of our plans for the space.

Farm pic
Serenity now!

We all had a moment to sit, ponder and to potter and generally enjoy a beautiful weekend with the right balance of action and reflective quiet, of thinking, talking and doing, with lashings of soul food.

We had a new visitor Stephen Couling of Milkwood Permaculture OMG fame, who was a great source of wisdom to learn both from and with and a consummate pleasure to have round.

Some of the cheeky farm kids snuck off to a party! Ah mumma!…  🙂 And the rest of us got up to a spot of nonsense as well, lots of chats, popcorn munching starlit hang outs, and stellar conversation otherwise. We had many walks and talks around the property, observing, interacting. Practicing archery – (an exciting blog on which to follow!)

But in the midst of this relaxation and shenanigan having, we also carried out a fair bit of planning work.

Design exercise - Integrate rather than segregating

I held a mild test teaching exercise – flexing the very new muscle – running a brainstorming sesh introducing and fleshing out the fundamental ethics and principles of permaculture.

This was really propped up by the gift of our collective knowledge – especially Stephen’s – and a great tour he’d led of the property and his observations. The legacy of the lessons Leon’s begun to share, and Amy has learned over her years in the place also came into their own in the session. It was a good exercise for us I think, although the 15 concepts were at times quite the long haul.

We also came up with some good headway on answering the questions:

  • What kinds of chickens we should get and from where
  • What veggies we should plant in mid to late winter

Calling upon gathered sketches, writing, ideas, dreams, daydreams, observations and experience, and trusty google, (which came up with highlights such as this chicken and goat hugging tome of knowledge) we’ve come up with a few plans on both fronts, which we’ll reveal more details of in the coming weeks and months, especially once we’ve found the new exciting residents of chook town.

Rhode Island Red

It was really good especially to get a better handle on what we can realistically aim for at this stage in the project and good consensus on where we’re at.

I also managed to both unpack and give away some of my myriad crap (I have taken “Obtain a yield” the wrong way over the years, especially on the books and clothes front!).

And the other farm guys did a heap of comfrey planting, compost making, greenhouse finishing (will show it off soon). All in all a great weekend.

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