Moving on down to frog town

Uplifting yourself from one location to another is by no means a cut and paste job. If you could transpose yourself as easily as you can move a frog from a humble bucket to a wet and lush dam home then Bob would be your uncle.


Well, Bob isn’t my uncle. He’s my granddad, rife with spoonerisms and embarrassing Italian accent impersonations but that’s another story, and frogs probably have their own spatial and temporal adjustment issues around being plonked in a pond (although, look at his happy legs go!).


Bottom line is: moving house can be a tricky proposition. Especially in the midst of some serious travel blitzes.

In 2 months I’ve been to Perth, Cairns, Brisbane, Karratha and now Port Hedland running conferences.

Amy’s been having a well-earned month long break in Vietnam and Thailand, stuffing herself with gorgeous street vendor offerings and taking Leon on his first overseas jaunt since the 70s with all the sunshine, beer and footy he could wish for.

Chris is off to his sweet old home town, Maggie Island, off the coast of Townsville for a nice winter segway with the family.

And Greg’s spent the last two weeks exploring the exotic sights and sounds of work in Wollongong.

All this vagabond business aside, we’ve all begun to really settle on in now, me as the last fusser and straggler with my 5 truck and car loads of miscellanea which put firmly at the top of our farm to do lists “Get rid of Alicia’s crap.”

Exhibit A

Well I did get rid of a lot of it, and if you can think of a good reason to ditch 60 odd perfectly good mushroom related curios or 80 cute dresses you let me know. *cough*hoarder*cough*

Anyhow the pieces of our homestead are starting to take shape.

Like the keyboard which the boys sit at and play together on their cold nights at home alone, when they aren’t slurping the same long piece of spaghetti from either end like the dogs from Lady and the Tramp.


Our kitchen table by the wood stove where we break delicious bread (sometimes literally thanks to Greg’s new cooking obsession), try to stay above 3 degrees celcius, nut out farm related stuff and share stories and great company.


The growing no dig kitchen garden, about a week away from our first harvest! (Will post pics shortly!)

Looking forward to us all being back together in a week or so and ramping up our planning, building and planting in time for spring, having a big old house warming and putting my bed together so I can stow all the rest of my crap underneath it.

Meanwhile I’m really enjoying my latest trip, a week long stint in one of the newest developments and oldest environments on Earth, the Pilbara. It’s rich with living history, natural beauty, mineral resources which are turning our country’s economic wheels (however you might feel about this) challenges, opportunities, folly and ancient wisdom.

Port Hedland is a warm and welcoming country town-esque hub which has already offered good fodder for interesting and inspiring discussions, and will keep delivering, with a good stint of touring, hiking and soaking up the region’s stunning surrounds, stories and friendly new and old faces on the cards.

See you back at the pad soon with tales from our travels.

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