Everything but the cow

I’ve landed back at home after a really fascinating trip; working at the other end of the spectrum of modern primary production from our sustainable homestead getup – convening a meeting of the iron ore industry, seeing a bona fide mine for the first time – a strangely delayed milestone given I’ve been working for the industry for the last 3 years, and travelling in one of the most beautiful, stark, strange, lush and rich landscapes on earth with two great girls.

We met the new red dog of the Pilbara (with the exact same personality as the original).

Enjoyed amazing hospitality care of a warm and welcoming Port Hedland local, Jan Ford.

And spent a few days exploring some stunning places.

Joffre Gorge, Karijini National Park

So now I’m home,  getting stuck back into work, shaking and washing off red dust every which where, and settling in.

Murrindindi kitchen garden is going off – here are the first adult examples of veggies that we’ve grown so far in our maiden no dig bed “Murphy” (named after our cheeky mate Michael who built it – a bit of a comedian).



Delicious wasabi flavoured purple lettuce

Amy went last week to a local forum on food security, state and local government planning and the future of agriculture in our shire, Wollondilly, making some great contacts:

We have a new house mascot:

Big galah flocks have made themselves known in the neighbourhood and I’ve been entertained by their swooping and squawking.

Kookaburras and mallard ducks also abound and we even had ducklings in our dam the other day.

But one thing we do not have right now is Spencer.

Our favourite cow has gone awol to the yard of a prominent former politician. I guess party pensions help pay for some pretty plush and tempting cow snacks.

Leon’s coming up to the farm on Saturday to get the feller back and give us a cute family slide show of he and Amy’s recent trip to Vietnam and Thailand with highlights like this:

Amy and her mate Cassie after too many pork rolls

It is beautiful, uplifting, grounding and relaxing being here, working, gardening, eating, planning some exciting new Murrindindi developments and soaking it all in.

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