Fiddle dee dee potatoes

About a month back when discussing what large scale plantings we could easily do on our big and slightly shaded “market garden” allocated paddock, potatoes were thrown around. They require little effort to plant, tolerate cold swings, and grow well with minimal maintenance – a novice gardener’s dream.

Two days ago, the lovely Michael Rox sent us the following link of Peter Cundall knocking up a huge plot of the buggers, no dig style:

Planting just a few seed potatoes directly on a lawn, the only additions you need are newspaper, cheap straw with added manure, dolomite and maybe a touch of blood and bone and then, bonanza – you have yourself a potato factory!

So we decided to knock up a little trial patch the other day, using some nice young organic Nicola seed potatoes.

Here is us getting down to business:

Prepare for the chip fest!

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