Getting up and out there

Leash here. Brrr!

Blanket stacks on and hot water bottles abound around here at the moment.

Even the veggies need to defrost their fingers for an hour or so each morning.

Frozen kale leaf


Our fat little chooks seem to fare pretty well in the early hours, wiggling and pecking and rooting through soil for rogue bug snacks and bocking up a storm.


The air is crisp, fresh and sweet and when the sun hits the hill, the longing for the sheets subsides and the borderline frostbitten pinkies on the hands deep in the soil planting peas at crazy o’ clock let you off the hook. “Alright, it’s stunning, just give me a rub later”.


We’re starting to get up and going. Our kitchen garden, chook brood and our warm and snug old home is coming together well.

On to our second phase of seedling raising today for the next round of early spring plantings which is a milestone that crept up like a ghost.


We’ve had a lot of fun visitors.

Diego with a giant mallow



Berra, the awesome dog we sat last week

Courses are coming together, with exciting new symbiotic relationships cropping up, our maiden offering Earthship Biotecture fundamentals with Rachel Goldlust (more info here!) and a full spring program itching to be launched last week.

Rachel Goldlust


We’ve started to stretch our feelers out and connect with the local community. Amy made a wealth of contacts at a local Wollondilly Rural Forum the other day which have started to develop into promising partnerships.

I’m especially excited to be bridging ties with local indigenous communities, having recently started to work for a local cultural heritage consultancy as a local part time job offering, and in the wranglings around our first social outreach effort.

It’s a time full of latent energy being channeled and grounded through creation and presence in this place, and although it is a touch scary going out on a limb to create something new, committing to the work that it takes, finding clarity in form in spite of the uncertainty involved, it is a beautiful time.

Sunrise cranking more

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