Going Gaga for our Earthship Biotecture workshop

Beer can lady gaga

Everybody’s building something out of beer cans these days

Our maiden workshop on Earthship Biotecture fundamentals has sold like hot cakes, with only 2 spaces remaining!

If you’re keen and get in fast as the lucky last, you’ll get to learn a conceptual and practical introduction to Earthship Biotecture building methods which ‘use today’s rubbish in the building of tomorrow’ – converting waste materials like beer cans, tyres and beer bottles into beautiful, functional structures, led by Rachel Goldlust, founding member of Earthship Australia and graduate of Michael Reynolds’ Earthship Biotecture Academy.

Rachel Goldlust

Rachel Goldlust

This overview will be fleshed out by a hands-on full-day workshop. Participants will build a rammed tyre semi-circle seating area, fully rendered and incorporating beer can and bottle design features

We’re really blessed because as well as providing an introduction to Earthship Biotecture, the sitting circle will become a valuable teaching space for our ongoing courses – an inclusive and snazzy learning environment.

To snap up the last two morsels register at:


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2 Responses to Going Gaga for our Earthship Biotecture workshop

  1. Sharyn says:

    Been following Earthships online for years now. Is there a way to register interest in case of any last minute cancellations. We live in the area!

    • Murrindindi says:

      Hi Sharyn, will pop you on our list in case we do get any last minute no gos. I’ll also add you to our mailing list re: future earthship workshops that we or Rachel hold

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