Reaping what we’ve sown

A few months into our farm living experiment, our initial efforts are starting to bring home the bacon. I don’t mean literal bacon* but leafy greens a plenty.


Deep, rich, bitter and crisp Tatsoi


Fresh, light, buttery cos lettuce

Our maiden no dig bed, Murphy, has been pumping out the goods for a few weeks now, with unbelievable fresh rocket, cos lettuce, tatsoi, silverbeet and mizuna up the eyeballs.


A frizzy old Mizuna fest – very light, crisp and mildly peppery, a tiny bit astringent


My favourite, Kale. Rich, delicious savoury flavour, not hugely bitter, goes with everything (if you know what’s good for you you’ll just nod and agree :p) and most vitamins out of any vegetable

Broccoli plant

Big hefty leaves…


Broccoli inside

….powering the growth of a baby Broccoli

The first of our slightly controversial radishes/radii (don’t plant them they said, nobody will eat them they said ;)) was even plump, ripe and ready today.


The first sucker pulled out of the ground, under the watchful eyes of Ho Chi Minh

Plus our very luscious chickweed salad bar keeps on giving.

Chickweed salad bar

Our chickweed salad bar. It might look like a recently rediscovered prehistoric pine tree but don’t be fooled

Amazing enjoying the fruits of our mild labours to date and dreaming of how things might take shape.

Garden salad wrap

Lunch. Yum!


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