Comings and goings

Since we first moved in this May, we had been trying to flog our fourth room at Murrindindi. For what seemed like a thousand years. More like 4 months in all, but still, a hefty period of time to be trying to sell a place in heaven. Not an obscure delicacy like a pickled herring (highly underrated mind you). Or a booby prize of any kind. Heaven!



We mostly had radio silence from budding homesteaders out there, but for a few promising bites that for various reasons didn’t pan out. The friendly horse loving local nurse Malcolm (“Not on my watch” said erosion repair weary Leon). The soil scientist Stephen from Cobbity plant breeding institute (“There can be only one” said Leash, mostly jokingly but with a slight nervous twitch).

As luck may have it, our mate Alex Roxborough was looking for a temporary roost for a while. He crashed with us for a good period of yonks, kicking around and helping us out with the first mach of plantings and planning, crooning away at sweet tunes and generally being excellent company while we waited for just the right housie. The little bear’s porridge.

Well, Goldilocks came up trumps in the end, with Tom, Nina and Nettle joining both our home and sustainable farmstead scheme.

Nina and Tom

Nina and Tom

Tom and Nina are a pair of tree surgeons, one an affable English lad with a slight daredevil tendency (and the super man underpants to match!), the other a New Zealandite, keen homesteader and organic gardening fan from way back.  Great guys, and it’s really lovely to have them on board. And not just because we no longer feel like our room is the bad fruit nobody wants to buy anymore!

The trellis frame for our new cukes

Our momentum, and even basic levels of farm maintenance are really building. We’re gelling as a group and it is quite exciting to see all of the hands and energy available and work to plan what we’ll do with them, and to get our hands dirtier doing it. So much planting, sprouting, growing.

Baby zucces

Their dog Nettle makes for a scrumptious rounding addition to the house. Shy like her wonderful but wary weed namesake. We’re enjoying bribing her as much as possible with liver snacks and she is coming around to our love.

Nettle petal

Nettle petal

Water saving has been at the fore, with lots of new initiatives like shower timers, two daily veggie garden watering and toilet rules to try to reduce our impact on this important resource. We’re on bore and tank water only with a broken bore pump (on the mend fingers crossed!) so the less we consume, even producing our own food, the better.

Them's the rules

Them’s the rules

We’ve had a sad turn and some more farm losses. All of our chickens apart from one were taken by a fox this weekend during their daily forage. Chicken tractors and enclosed outdoor browsing will be the way of the future.

There’ve been some very sweet times too, with Chris, Amy and Tom celebrating birthdays in the last few weeks, and me and Greggles shaking our little tail feathers at a big bush festival, Burning Man Australia, and my brother Dave and his lovely fiance Kel’s farewell, engagement and graduation party.


Skippy looks hot

Waratahs from Kel's family's flower farm, in the nearby Oaks

Waratahs from Kel’s family’s flower farm, in the nearby Oaks

Things keep springing up, and the excitement is building in the lead up to our coming cheese and yoghurt making course with Margarita Carrick. A few places are still open for our October 20 fresh cheese making and eating fest. Bookings available via

Murray Dindi

Murray Dindi

Bucket loads of farm love! 🙂

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4 Responses to Comings and goings

  1. Michelle says:

    poetically written Leash 😉

  2. Narelle says:

    Love hearing all the news. Sad to lose your chickens, so did we but now have 5 new gals who are under security lock down at night.

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