We are captains of industry!

Ok well sea cadets.  But anyway, we at Murrindindi are embracing our first slow steps towards  commerce.

We have a lot of silverbeet.  Silverbeet being silverbeet (a highly prolific plant with a ginormous tap root which sucks up nutrients and water from the soil like gangbusters and big broad leaves which convert sunlight in a similarly rampant fashion) we have much much much much much (to the power of something large) too much for our own consumption.


Identity hidden to protect the innocent

You have silverbeet braised with butter and garlic. And you have silverbeet pie. And you have silverbeet rice in a Greek style with oregano and almonds and pine nuts. And you have silverbeet rolls (similar to cabbage rolls with a savoury filling). It’s all going pretty well really.

But then you have silverbeet for the 50th time in a row and you have a two year old temper tantrum and you don’t look at silverbeet for a couple of weeks. Too much silverbeet and too much silver beet makes Murrindindi something something!!

So there you have it, we have a lot of silverbeet.

Well we figure many people out there don’t have a similar glut. And it is really very nice. Beautiful, lemony fresh leaves and packed with goodness. Iron, zinc, vitamin c, and myriads of other minerals to boot.

I (Leash) live in Stanmore in Sydney’s inner west during the week when I come in to the city to work and study. Being an entirely pedestrian farm dweller (a feat!) I am used to getting mileage from my nanna cart, backpack and green bags.

Nanna cart

My chariot

So I have decided to push the sherpa envelope a bit more and either weekly or fortnightly schlep a pile of our silverbeet and equally numerous nasturtium flowers and leaves into the city.

Rainbow chard

Our rainbow chard bundles, all gussied up for market

This time I sold our bounty at  local Enmore organic provedore, Alfalfa House.

Alfalfa House


A member owned organic food co-op and shop, Alfalfa House provides inner westies with locally sourced, natural, organic, and minimally packaged foods

Including our bundles of love!

Silverbeet bundles at Alfalfa


There is also a sweet corner café near Stanmore train station called Molly Coddle which sells coffee, coffee, coffee, 5 different kinds of delicious hamburger, pastries, wraps and a whole wealth of other café paraphernalia, as well as having a sweet corner store with sourdough breads and produce. This will sometimes include ours.

Molly Coddle Cafe

And with a six pack of beer’s worth of extra cash in our pockets per shipment, it’s a nice reciprocal way to spread the goodness we are growing in our little operation.

So keep your eyes peeled, Murrindindi rainbow chard, nasturtium salad mix, and other treats may soon be lovingly nanna carted to a shop near you!

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One Response to We are captains of industry!

  1. amy says:

    next time i will get down on my hands and knees and help you lovingly wrap those bundles leash! thanks heaps this is awesome 🙂 xxx (<3 Amy)

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