The farm

Murrindindi is a beautiful homestead on 25 acres in Razorback/Mt Hunter, 15 minutes from Camden (1 hour 15 from Wollongong and 1 hour 20 from Sydney CBD). The serene country air and beautiful scenery act as a first rate backdrop to learning how to grow our own food, and other practical lessons in self sufficiency. Two years on in our experiment we supply most of our own vegetables from a 20m2 kitchen garden, raise chickens for eggs and meat and beef cattle in a low intensity grass fed operation. We tinker with preserving, natural dyeing, baking our own bread, hunting, gathering, and generally learning to live naturally on the land. Follow our progress, experiences, lessons and joy as we go.


Amy underwater

Amy – Warm, passionate advocate for the disadvantaged, who works developing and delivering a range of programs centred on engagement and empowerment of culturally and linguistically diverse communities. Our brave and sassy leader.

Chris fishing

Chris – Amy’s partner, a lovely chilled out cookie (chef extraordinaire actually!) who works as a counsellor in nearby Campbelltown and loves fine literature, quiet reflection, and Dunlop volleys.

Greg twirling

Greg – Teacher, traveller and budding counsellor, keen on examining the mythological and archetypal foundations of culture and life. Likes to twirl stuff, often when it is on fire which is quite spectacular.

Tully at the farm

Tully – Relative farmie newcomer, Tully has recently moved away from the world of electronics and Brisbane to a new more fulfilling career in rehabilitation and care work. He enjoys metal, horror, motorbikes,  exploring challenging ideas and generally being hilarious.

Leash and a mushroom

Leash – Event producer and environmental engineering student with a background in biological sciences.  Passionate about fungi, soil and water health, carbon sequestration and food security. General megalomaniac. Loves to cook. Engaged to Tully (woohoo!).

How to reach us

Phone:0402 231 300

Email: murrindindifarm@gmail.com

We have a Facebook page too like half of the universe: https://www.facebook.com/Murrindindi


5 Responses to About

  1. will says:

    Hi Leash,

    Wow your property and ideas are amazing, i so wish you all the best,

    and i know it is going to an absolute pearler 😀

    Your collegues seem to so allign to,

    Just amazing , GOOD LUCK!!

    Cheers 😀

    Will (the one legged fella)

  2. will says:

    Hi Leash,

    It was just bloody awesome hey. Was just an amazing insight to the culture over there.

    And also great to see that there are amazing people over there doing great things and working

    very hard to change the system, very much like us hey 🙂

    But a sad thing is they have systems that have been running for thousands of years and the government is basically running them off their land so they can plant industrial farms……to feed their massive population.

    The governemnt think they are doing the right thing for the people, such a complex conundrum. The people know about the governemnt to like with facebook, and how the governemnt bans and stuff.

    But they have a unique set of problems, like australia has and europe…the rest of the world has. But hmmm i guess, you and i know there are ways, its just….doing it hey.

    Yeah been ok hey 🙂 Working on a farm design, based on Ecological principles. Its been tough huh. Learning heaps, i must say.

    Your project seems really great. And bloody good people around you it seems. 🙂

    Hows it all going?

    Hope your having a brilliant day!


  3. will says:

    Hi Leash,

    You keep up the awesome work to 😀

    Have a brilliant day!


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